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After the Dust Settles

Posted on April 22, 2014 in General Ministry, Management, MMI | 0 comments

One of the best ways to analyze a situation is to wait until the dust settles and you can take a step back and really take a look at what happened.  It is during these times that an organization or an individual can look past the smoke and mirrors to get a full view of what has occurred.  It’s a great process to undertake and one that we always seek to do at Medical Ministry International.


Can you imagine the swings of emotion that occurred during the week leading up to Jesus death?  One second, Jesus is teaching, then He begins to tell of what is to come.  All of a sudden, the disciples had to be thinking of their own humanity and that their leader was getting ready to be taken from them and killed.  What could that have been like as they watched Him placed on the cross and then taken to the tomb.  Imagine the euphoria when He revealed himself to them as promised.  It’s something to take a look back and think about what it had to be like when the dust settled and all was revealed before them.  We get a view through the various chapters in The Bible, I think it is why I get so excited each time I read it.

It’s not possible to capture the greatest gift ever given, but we can gain so much knowledge by learning from actions in the past.  The biggest mistake some organizations make is when they don’t study the past to understand why mistakes happened and the work to instill process to keep it from happening again.  It’s a never ending process for any organization, but those that embrace this idea can reap success from learning from the past.


If you are in the position of leadership within an organization, take advantage of your situation and learn from the failures of the past, both in your life and in the organization’s life.  No organization is perfect, but they can be better for having taken the time to learn from past experience.  Many answers are right there before you if you just take the time to let the dust settle and look.

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