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A Year Later – Texas Continues Our Finest Moment After Harvey

Posted on August 22, 2018 in General Ministry, Programs | 0 comments

A year ago, the State of Texas was hit with a horrible storm in Hurricane Harvey.  The power of this storm yielded damage and loss that was hard to fathom until one could experience it first-hand.  We were able to be a small part of the groups moving up and down the coast of Texas, across Houston, and into the bayous surrounding the Beaumont area trying to bring forth aid and relief to those that lost most of their worldly possessions.  These scenes will forever be etched in my mind, but not for just the natural disaster that took place, but for the heroic efforts of people risking their own well being to save others.  These people are heroes and their sacrifices must never be forgotten.


It is also important that we not forget those that still suffer from the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  Communities are trying to rebuild, homes have been gutted and some have been brought back to livable conditions.  Unfortunately, there is still much work to be done and it will be years for these areas to fully recover.  Please continue to look for ways to help and never forget to continue to help and support them when possible. 

The work is far from done and the world media has moved on to whatever is the latest breaking story.  The need in Texas is still great and only the dedicated few continue the arduous task of helping people get back on their feet.  This effort is being lead by Churches and organizations like Somebody Cares.  They are at the point of the spear and are always in need of help and potentially volunteers.


Heroes – Hurricane Harvey from Rockport, TX to Houston, TX to Beaumont, TX


You can help my friends at Somebody Cares by visiting their website.  You can be sure that they will optimize your gift to help change lives in these areas.  I have worked side by side with them in this effort and have seen lives changed before our eyes.  It continues to be Texas and The Church’s finest moment!  Please keep these people and teams in your prayers!  Praise Him!