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A New Chapter

Posted on January 26, 2015 in General Ministry, Management, MMI, Volunteering | 0 comments

The one thing that is always constant is change.  Those that continue to work to evolve will ride the winds of change and reap the benefit of being prepared.  Those that choose to become complacent, will soon find themselves behind the curve.  Such is the nature of operating an organization providing medical services to the poor.

MMI Holland Facebook Cover

Today, Medical Ministry International announced the first National Office on the continent of Europe by establishing Medical Ministry International – Holland.  This a historic moment for the international ministry as we begin to expand our visibility into new areas for support and volunteers with a passion for service to the less fortunate.  This announcement is the culmination of almost three years of focus by the international team to establish a foundation of systems and processes that provide the stability for the ministry to grow.  The issues of the poor are many and the only way to efficiently reach the least of those is to ensure that the ministry has a team up to the challenge.

The journey has not been an easy one, but this team continues to keep its eyes on the task at hand.  The ministry team must stay focused, even when challenges present themselves that may cause anguish or concern.  When operating a ministry, one of the biggest challenges is to not place personal issues above the needs of the ministry.  There are times when you just shake your head at some of the actions that people take, but must stay focused on serving the poorest of the poor.  It has been proven time after time that those who seek to cause chaos will eventually take care of themselves.

A Netherlands' supporter waves the Dutch

Today is a great day and Medical Ministry International is ecstatic about Gerrit Meijerink, our new Executive Director in Holland, joining the MMI Team to open a National Office in Holland.  Gerrit is an amazing man with a huge heart for the poor and unyielding faith as a follower of Jesus.  We are thrilled that he has agreed to use his gifts in service with the MMI Team.  MMI continues to get better and the end result will be a higher caliber of service to areas of poverty throughout the world.

God is at work and we are honored to be on His team.  We continue to work diligently to get better and seek to find those that are committed to doing the same.  MMI is blessed beyond our wildest dreams as these amazing people continue to come forth seeking to join the ministry.  We are in awe, yet very excited about what is in store for the ministry in the future.  We continue to pray that God will shine his light upon our path and allow our efforts to bring His love to the poorest of the poor.  To our new team in Holland, welcome to the MMI Family!

To Learn More about Medical Ministry International and our National Office in Holland Click Here.