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Anyone Question the Importance of Positive Example?

Posted on April 19, 2013 in General Ministry, MMI, Patient Stories, Volunteering | 0 comments

The first suspect in the Boston Bombings has been killed in an early morning firefight after killing another police officer and critically wounding another. The second suspect, his brother, is on the loose and is heavily armed. We will learn even more about these brothers in the days to come, but it points out a major issue that is prevalent throughout the world…..the importance of a positive example in the development of society.

The early information coming out of this tragedy is that the suspects were brothers who came to the United States ten years ago. It brings to mind the issues that the youth of the world face today due to the lack of love, support, and guidance of a strong faith-based family unit. We see children in poverty stricken areas that have been abandoned by their parents and left to try to survive in horrific conditions. These kids become susceptible to child trafficking or recruitment by radical organizations that offer shelter, food, and a chance to survive. Unfortunately, this is usually the beginning of an innocent life that is sent down an unfortunate path.

Neglect is a silent assassin for the poor. Survival becomes a consistent compass in the direction of the life of one that has been abandoned. These kids need a lifeline, a choice. How can you choose the right path if the path is not visible? It is our duty as people of faith to help be the light that shines in this dark so that others have a chance to rise from the hell that is their life. We can’t expect that radical ideals will dissipate until a better option is presented to those that are desperate.

This is not a just a sad story, it is reality. There are kids today that were not born into evil. They are in survival mode and it is our duty to give them a chance to live and survive to help impact the world around them. Big victories start at a small level. We see people given a chance at life that go on to do amazing things. Many of our in-country staff were some of these kids, who, when given a chance, have grasped the opportunity, and become leaders and an example for others that there is hope. We can make a difference, and the first step is to engage.

We all have busy lives and it is very easy to not think about the poor that are not readily visible as we go about our day. We have been blessed to not live in an environment like these kids, why? I am of the belief that God has placed us in this position to determine where are heart lies. He has given us gifts and wants to see how we choose to use them. It’s our choice whether we will move out of our comfortable world and seek to give the less fortunate a chance to lead a positive life, or in the case of Boston…a life of terror. We can make a difference.

The predominate political and media message is one of military strength and strong intelligence. This message is focused on the results of radical ideals, not what is a main cause of the problem…poverty. These kids need a better example, someone that can love them, take care of them, and provide a better example. There are examples around your city where kids do not have strong parental guidance and they soon get involved with bad people doing bad things. We must come together to be that message of hope in an environment of despair.

I encourage you to take an assessment what you can do to engage. We have over 90 Project Teams and Health Centers that are reaching out into these areas and changing lives on a regular basis. You can join us in service, or you can help to provide the resources necessary to allow our volunteers to reach those in need of a positive example. At the least, please visit our Prayer Wall and keep these teams in your prayers. The MMI Team is on the front line of trying to shine a light into the darkness. You can help be the battery that keeps the light shining bright.