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A Nation Built on Immigration and Law

Posted on January 29, 2017 in Management, Opinion | 0 comments

We are a nation based on the rule of law. Over the past years, policies of allowing discord and selective enforcement of our laws has created anarchy and riot in our very own streets. Regardless of how many fits, riots, protests, etc. are held, the country is now working to secure our safety, economy, and future so that all have the ability to live and yes, protest in an environment that is thriving and safe for all.


 If anyone chooses to violate the law, including while they are speaking their piece, they will be prosecuted and held accountable.  Freedom of speech does not provide a pass to violate the law. If anyone wants to come to this country and contribute to our society, they will follow the legal process established and join a long line of immigrants over the last 240+ years that many of us can relate to in our own histories. Laws are in place for everyone’s security and protection. Our success has been built on the backs of immigrants, but legal immigrants that want to contribute to the success of our country….not harm it. We want good people to immigrate and join our nation, but they need to go through a process and complete it as others have before them.


There are many, some who are friends, that will continue to use terms such as racism, bigotry, etc. to try and undermine the actions taken to secure our nation. They have every right to speak their own mind, but have somehow been convinced that throwing tantrums, causing disruption, spreading fake tales, etc. will somehow win people over to their way of thinking. They are mistaken.


 This is the greatest country in the world.  This is due to the basic premise of following the rule of law, respecting the rights of the American Citizen, and the expected security in which to do this. There are many outside of our nation who seek to cause our nation harm. They will try any and all means to accomplish this goal, including using our own freedoms and people to create chaos in the streets. They have had some success while we relaxed our guard and chose not to enforce our laws. That loophole is now closing and America will once again secure our land, partner with our allies, and eradicate all who seek to do harm to us and our friends.

A Land of Law and Order, represents a beacon of hope to the rest of the world!