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A Moment of Your Time

Posted on October 18, 2013 in General Ministry, Management, MMI | 0 comments

Have you noticed all the posturing and going back in forth in the news, yet no one will sit down and talk to each other? It seems that the concept of sitting down and actually having a conversation between two sides is becoming a lost art. What has become blurry in all of this is that this troublesome practice creates an evironment of deception and misunderstanding. This plays right into the hands of those that thrive in chaos.

I have seen through my travels around the world that people thrive on attention. You can't help but be touched when you meet a child who comes running up to you. Your first thought is, what do they want? I don't have anything for you, but then you find out, you do. They just want to hold your hand. A simple act of kindness is something that many people cherish, and yet rarely ever get to experience it. We all have this need, we want others to hear our point of view and feel valued. The key to the conversation is to position yourself to be heard.

Debate is a good thing, it allows people to present their own unique perspective. The challenge is that all sides must be willing to listen to the point of view of others and seriously consider what they are saying. It's common courtesy, yet its a foreign concept in society today. Every single person on this planet has been given the right to live, they deserve the chance to be heard. No, you don't have to agree with their points, but the very act of being willing to listen to their point of view on both sides of a discussion is a necessary requirement. Once you have given each other the time to hear your point of view, then you have at least given each other the chance to understand your stance, it doesn't mean you even have to agree. Our society would be a pretty boring place if we agreed about everything.

Human nature has an internal component that all of us want to be respected and heard. Providing care to the less fortunate of the world, or sitting down and listening to the others on the opposite side of your point of view is very similar. People want a moment of your time to be heard and to know you care enough to listen. There is way too much time posturing and trying to sway the mass audience to your side, when all it would take would be to sit down and actually be serious in your effort to come to a joint agreement. Is that too much to ask? The future of the world, our society, and the hope of the less fortunate is counting on it.