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A Celebration of Mothers

Posted on May 12, 2017 in General Ministry, Lindell Foundation, Opinion | 0 comments

The impact of Mother’s can never be understated.  These ladies not only brought us into this world, they helped to prepare us to live in it.  A gift that never stops giving, a blessing that never stops blessing….Mom!


We can never underestimate the role that our Mother’s have provided to each of us.  Their love never stopped, their concern over us never faltered, and yet we gave them all they could handle as we lived our lives.  As I travel the world seeking to help the less fortunate, I always notice that the role of mother is the same in every culture.  Unfailing love and protection from all that a child will encounter.  I always find my mind wandering to the times where we were able to provide a surgery to give a child their sight, and for the first time they are able to see their mother.  Words cannot come close to capturing that moment when the child hears Mom’s voice and their head turns and sees Mom for the first time……LOVE.  Nothing could be greater, and yet nothing will ever be more important than to be a Mother.  Thank you to all that have filled this role as your gift to a child can never be equaled…..

To a Child

The leaves talked in the twilight, dear;
   Hearken the tale they told:
How in some far-off place and year,
   Before the world grew old,
I was a dreaming forest tree,
   You were a wild, sweet bird
Who sheltered at the heart of me
   Because the north wind stirred;
How, when the chiding gale was still,
   When peace fell soft on fear,
You stayed one golden hour to fill
   My dream with singing, dear.
To-night the self-same songs are sung
   The first green forest heard;
My heart and the gray world grow young—
   To shelter you, my bird.